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Road trips are made easier when you plan ahead. Spring is here and it’s time for a family
vacation. Find five ways to prepare yourself.
  1. Before the trip, have everything packed and ready to go a day ahead of time.
  2.  Buy you a cooler or bag to store water, juice, snacks etc…
  3. Do a quick car inspection to check fluids, fuel, tires, brakes, etc…
  4.  Bring entertaining ideas to keep riding fun for the family like an iPad for movies, games, etc…
  5.  Use handsets free devices for driver safety.

Our vehicle is always cleaned and sanitized for our customers. Keeping your space clean is very
important to us today. Top tips on how to sanitize your vehicle and keep clean.
Sanitizer sprays and wipes are very effective for interior cleaning. A Self car wash can help you save a lot
of money when you can purchase cleaning supplies to use numerous times

Make the right decision when buying a vehicle. Don’t know if you want to finance a car or purchase in full.
Here are some cool facts on how to choose what best fits you.
Financing your car can help you raise your credit without missing payments. Buying a car in full can help
you stay in control of other bills and responsibilities. Renting your own vehicle can save you lots of time
without waiting for a ride, so you can come and go as you please